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UK Amateur Radio Station

My Log Book!

Here you can see if I am currently on-air and if so where to have a chat to me, or at least try to!

Some Success with FT8

So I have been trying out FT8 to see what all the fuss was about, and I must say I am kinda hooked. What a fab way to find out where your system is getting you and to give you an idea of the countries you can work! Here is my first attempt:

40m FT8 and JT65

So I’m having a fairly unique problem, I can transmit on 20, 40, 80m all day with no issues call CQ CQ etc anything via voice is fine. I can transmit and receive SSTV on 14.230 all day, no issues. However as soon as I transmit FT8 or JT65 even at low power (5W) it…
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My First Blog Entry!

Today is Saturday 7th December 2019, and this is my first entry. Today I am working America-Link via the Yaesu Ft 991a and the amazing little Pi-Star hotspot. Had a few contacts, but will make a few more by the end of the day!